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#4 Mt. Sherman: The Start of Summer

#4 Mt. Sherman The summer had begun. I completed junior year of college, started a new job and was eager to begin my first summer missio n - solo. Coming off my first “big” ski season, I felt physically prepared, but under prepared with equipment. The forecast was outstanding - bluebird and sunny; however, I was concerned with a big snowfield that I’d might have to posthole through. Mt. Sherman - June 2021 I was stoked! I was feeling light and nimble after leaving my ski gear at home; however, my next challenge was using my five-year-old Nike running shoes to climb this mountain with snow. I was preparing for the worst postholes of my life or for the possibility of sliding down the mountain unable to self-arrest with my pole. Oh yea? Have I mentioned that I did not own climbing pants yet? I was rocking high ski socks, shorts and trekking poles. I felt like a euro trail runner in shorts. I parked at 11,000’, after a slow drive down the bumpy dirt road, and began my charge up the