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Mt. Democrat: We're Beefing.

After a busy few weekends with the long slog up Gray's Northern slopes and getting shut down on Dragon Tails, Max and I felt like we were in shape to tackle another 14er. I had been told about Democrat's North face by Justin Ibarra during my AIARE 1. Avalanche conditions were stable, our only concern were wet slides in the late morning/afternoon. We thought we would make it a two night trip and do quandary the next day. I was frothing by the idea of skiing off the summit this time.  Mt. Democrat - North Slopes We departed late Friday night from Denver. For some reason, we decided to take my car, meaning that it would be Max and I's first time sleeping in a tent together. Max's tent was a worn down REI half dome 2 that his dad had lent him after years of use. Max also made the executive decision to not bring the rain tarp, only 2 guy lines and no footprint.  After a few hours of driving, we arrived at Montgomery Reservoir only to find an unmarked, white van a few 100 fee